Blithe Barbara

     Blithe Barbara

Today is the 75th anniversary of Barbara’s first day on earth.

If TV news did sound bite bios the following  is how I think they would do her. I call it fair and balanced; FoxNews

Born in Brooklyn before the war, home since has been California, more Brooklyn, Norway, Ohio and mostly dear Rochester. Her dad was a millwright and her mom was a sweetheart – tho at a memorable childhood moment Gertrude once almost burned the kitchen up. Starting at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and later the commie hotbed at Brooklyn College she is a lifelong learner and eventually snapped up two degrees at the UR (University of Rochester) and the third at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). She doesn’t fool around (at least about education).

She is the mom of Karen and Robin who she loves everyday without hesitation. On her grandkids from the very first day she showered the same passionate, unconditional love. In love Barbara knows it can be a many splendored thing… but when it comes to husbands “3” is her lucky number. Of that I’m certain.

In her essence Barbara is always an artist, a person who is always seeking, always watching for her next truth and then wrestling with how to make it visible on the paper, canvas or etching. She has always paced her studios, brush or sketchbook nearby and always a work apron spattered with drips and colors. In our early years her zippered curls of gold would catch the light angling in the studio window from the mighty Genesee. Now her silver hair cap frames and reveals her intense concentration as she moves back and froe in a dance with her emerging image on the easel.

Lastly, Barbara has made history. She came of age when women’s place in our society changed radically for the better. Young women – and all of us really – owe acknowledgement to the way the women of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rose to the challenge of the suffragettes, the Rosie the Riveters, the Rosa Parks of our history. Barbara’s generation of American women took up their torch and in a fervent 40 years did the things small and large over and over to be sure those women who will follow have a clear path to fair and equal treatment and the opportunity to seek their own exceptional experience.  It is her powerful legacy

Barbara has never been a flag-waver but, in fact, she is her own American original.

Happy 75th!