The Love Shack is about 240 square feet of traveling home away from home. It has all the creature comforts known to modern man and woman. I have, in the past, pictured it as a cabin on a boat. Long and narrow it could be the below deck quarters of a luxury yacht. We have been clever with the lighting which allows us to switch easily from bright natural light to clean low voltage overhead fixtures and lots of table lamps to create my favorite intimate effect especially later in the evening. Why lighting is so important to me I don’t understand but it always has been.

 This year my perception of the place has been evolving. Now I’m thinking more about the Shack as a cabin; like a cabin in the woods. It’s usually warm and comfy and snug against the elements. Because we are often in campgrounds in remote parks I compare it to a log cabin on a sunny mountainside meadow or even like Thoreau’s Walden hide-a-way (It’s an idea that works for me if I don’t examine the details too closely). Suffice it to say I like the joint a lot. Now we are contemplating some enhancements like wine racks, cool fabrics on the valences and cushions, hat racks, spice racks and maybe even some laminate flooring. Love Shack indeed.