I’m thinking about aging these days. Big surprise what with the community we find ourselves in here in Florida. I’m practically a youngster it sometimes seems. What I think of is that when I swim across the mammoth heated pool I am treated to music from the 70’s and 80’s playing softly from the speakers. Credence, The Byrds, Joni Mitchell but maybe also some Captain & Tenile thrown in.

Lulu and I were at the dog run one day. Two Canadian dog people were nearby and getting acquainted. The point of common reference for them was the long running Mariposa Festival in Ontario. She said to her new friend “a lot has changed, its not like the old days when it was all sex and drugs”. These not infrequent moments force me to merge the aging, lumpy, sagging stranger standing before me with the imagined personalities swaying to the music and sampling reefer in a time not so long ago. It’s all a little like pulling to a stop at the red light to hear Don McLean faintly emanating from the hermetically sealed Toyota in the next lane, a grey headed driver senior citizen gently tapping the steering wheel in time to the tune.