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We have been on the road for a full month already. I use “on the road” loosely since we have made a commitment this year to less miles and more setting up and getting to know a simpler road life. Until yesterday we have only set-up deep in pine groves with Spanish moss and campfire smoke coloring our views. What a difference a day makes!

We arrived in Sarasota late in the afternoon and proceeded to wedge the Love Shack between a live oak and a “cottage”. While up to this point neighbors were 100 feet or more away we are here in Fun-N-Sun (really, that’s the name) close enough to hear the neighbors table utensils clink. So far I have romanticized this intimacy as a throwback to tenement living back in the fifties. Like I would know anything about that but as I have said previously, I have a rich imagination. In fact the guy right behind introduced himself as a 35 year Con Ed man from the city. “Welcome to Paradise” he announced. No more manholes for me he added.

I could easily have a cynical rejoinder to that kind of talk but last night I swam alone in a pool the size of Rhode Island while looking up at a nearly full moon peeking through high, fast clouds. Paradise indeed. I think the lady across the street has the same opinion but a different point of view. After 30 days of woods living I have several times caught myself disrobing in full view of our living room window and, yes. I am still sufficiently delusional to imagine I provided some scandalous eye-candy for our new neighbor.