Today was a shopping day. In our trailer life we shop frequently because we have limited storage space but seeming limitless time. Plus I secretly enjoy pacing up and down the aisles looking for ideas and inspiration and bargains. In a recurring, discouraging theme I have to note that the grocery shelves in St Marys Georgia or Austin Texas or Rochester NY are much more homogenous than I would hope.

Of course the number of options and the range of quality are surely different but the Fritos, Tide and Purdues of here are not different than the last town or the three towns before that. So too are the interstates, the IHOPs, the meHome Depots and the parades of pick-ups and SUVs.

What is special about St Marys is the expansive saltwater marshes, the rivers with the powerful tidal flows, the five mile long bowling alley straight roads flanked by towering but skinny pine trees. The view from every Love Shack window starts near the ground with nubby tan pine tree trunk bark leading up to rich green crown of soft needle clouds set off by branches in black shadows acting like cloisonné highlighting Japanese enamels. Overhead the sweet blue costal skies fill in all the gaps and spaces.

The park is called the Crooked River State Park as it is perched on a cliff forty feet above the current. The fact sheet tells us the far side of the river is an active oyster bed and, if we are vigilant, we might see dolphins working together to hunt for schools of fish.  We have learned that if you want great views in the morning set up camp near the river but the trade-off is brisk breezes almost all day long. With the temps in a hard freeze these nights the price for a vista is high. If you choose to camp under the trees on the far side of the park through a thicket of pines the shelter from the wind is remarkable and the bonus is that the grounds are flat and covered in soft red-brown needles all the way up to the forests edge.