What’s perfect?

Yesterday we waded through a crowded fancy food store. It was alive – I imagined – with people searching for the perfect. The perfect pot roast, the just right appetizer, the little square crackers that will tip the Christmas dinner into the picture perfect moment that matches the prized personal memories long atrophied in our private recesses.

I once worked with an Austrian engineer, Ditmar, on an extended project. Every so often he would issue forth a laconic “purrrfect” to assure me were on the true path. I loved the sure and easy assurance that assessment conferred on our hard-earned progress (It’s irrelevant that the project eventually took a not so purrfect nose dive).

A recent campsite neighbor here in Georgia was recounting how their RV was perfect. The person detailed for me its faultless attributes including its dramatic size, a colossal weight (weight is big for us RV types) and matching outsized price tag. Conversely we recently had a parade of tiny trailers roll past our site. You can easily imagine from the snapshots above that the owners of these vintage travel trailers feel their mobile home is perfect too.

So tonight I am dreaming at the keyboard. One of the best all time phrases (not sure if it’s perfect) in my lexicon is “Be Here Now”. Three words convey so much so succinctly. It doesn’t say anything about perfection but it hints at the intersection of awareness and trueness and that for me could be close to perfect.