Cell phone calls are so yesterday. Certainly this is true if one is retired, fired or unemployed. Didn’t see that coming when the VP walked out of my house with my company phone and laptop.

I had a boss a few years ago. The crazy bastard would call at seven in the morning or eleven at night and often in between. Mobile phones are like concealed carry laws in that sense. It’s not phones that make calls at eleven, it people. This guy made calls as random and unwarranted as some would sip coffee or pick their nose. Management was not his forte. Actually I’m unsure what was but it must be said he was a driven dude and he was better than most at the art of antagonizing colleagues. He relished random public humiliations for his staff. He was an equal opportunity irritant because I heard him – an Exec VP himself – give frequent grief to the CEO. I’m tempted to write a case study of his management style but assuredly it would be a slim document.

So the mobile phone doesn’t ring much these days. One important reason is the way we as individuals are enmeshed with our corporate selves. When my phone walked out my front door it took with it one of the few ways I could connect with the people who had only recently been in my figurative inner circle. The friend who had moved out to Vancouver Island or a person who may have been a good source of job opportunities; their numbers and addresses vanished as quickly as my corporate e-mail and network access! Embracing the team culture has costs during and, ironically, after employment.

Strange brew this modern life.