The day is winding down. The rain drops on the roof – we are in a cool old state park in South Carolina – are from those fat slippery drops that thwack and pop. We started the ride around 10 AM from up in the Shenandoah Valley after the sleet had mostly melted. We hated to sleep and leave what with the fabulous view of the massive truck stop just below.

The day previous, Friday, began at six. By seven fifteen I was up on a ladder scraping the snow and ice off the Love Shack’s slider roof in 14 degree temps. Am I effectively communicating the glamour of this lifestyle?

The first hundred miles were a little hairy including one or two dramatic any uh-ohs slides  but nothing got worse. Unfortunately the weather system would not be outrun but damn we tried. We blitzed past our intended Gettysburg PA stop thinking Virginia just must be balmy. Not so. We netted 495 miles on day one as we cruised into Lexington Virginia at 7PM. Not right!

During our first night’s set-up we discovered a few… issues. The plumbing around the toilet had developed a pinhole leak. Woops! On top of that many of our hard learned loading lessons from last year were forgotten (read “books on the floor”). We forgot the cheese shredder, the frying pan cover and my beloved yellow and black moccasins!

As we plowed south today the rain was unrelentingly hard. In Charlotte NC the traffic was fiercely snarled for an hour. Finally as we broke for Columbia SC the temps began to progressively rise to a huge 56 degrees. Sweet Jesus yes! Oh, when I was plugging and leveling in a serious rain I stood at the water spigot… and realized it was set in a beautiful bouquet of poison ivy.